How We Work

Choose your data provider

Ticket Broker websites list tickets from database resources known as "exchanges". Ticket Evolution, Ticket Technology/StubHub, Ticket Network, and Event Inventory are currently the largest broker ticket exchanges. Individual brokers list their inventory on these exchanges and the tickets are then displayed on websites powered by the XML data feed provided by the ticket exchange. The fees and pricing structure to list tickets and use the data feed are very different from exchange to exchange so it is best to call each data provider and discuss their terms.

Design template and layout

Two column or three column layout? Slideshow? Red, green, blue, orange, or polka-dot? During this phase we get into the details of the look and feel of your website. We can work with pre-made templates, designs from other companies, or we can create the layout from scratch. The pages involved in the navigation flow to the checkout process can vary slightly depending on the data provider you choose.

Customize control panel

Each website design and data provider are unique. Your control panel will be tailor suited to the design as well as any unique functionality that has been implemented into the site. You will be able to create new pages, move content modules around in the existing layout, and add new modules built upon request. Our control panel is focused on giving you both granualar control over the content on each page as well as big-picture general control through default content and category based default content. TitleTags, MetaTags, H1, H2, and page content can all be changed on a general or unique level. Need even more control of your search engine optimization? No problem, new functionality is easily added to your system.

Tweak and launch

Facebook "like" integration, live Twitter feeds, 3D interactive seating charts, javascript price sorting, user login, option for customer to sell tickets, etc. are the icing on the cake that gives your website a more social and productive buying process. These are just some of the final details and available options we discuss before we launch your brand new ticket broker website!

Everything is possible

CEO & Chief Programmer - Aaron Pearson

I was first introduced to this industry in 2005 as a "tech guy" for Hallmark Tickets. In the years that followed I redesigned and restructured a total of 4 times while adjusting to changes in the search engine algorithms. I learned a lot about how to build ticket broker websites, but more importantly I learned how to build "scalable" ticket broker sites that could be enhanced and upgraded without needing to start from scratch. The internet is always changing and I believe your website should have the ability to change with it. From the ground up I have built a programming platform that I call "Structure" that allows me to build unique control panel systems for my clients. If a function you want does not already exist - it can be built - end of story.